Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Red Carpet Awards Night Extravaganza

Imagine dressing up in your "Academy Awards" outfit and being whisked away to the most exciting event of the season in a limo. Now picture yourself getting out of the limo to walk the Red Carpet amid the staccato flashes of cameras as paparazzi record every step. Oh, and don't forget to stop a moment so the local press can catch a few words from you on your way in to the awaiting party.

That's what it was like for all of us attending the Red Carpet Awards Ceremony hosted by Lake Oconee Living Magazine last week. There were lots of hors d'oeuvres to eat and wine to drink while we surveyed and made bids on silent auction pieces, and visited with so many of the other guests attending that evening. As winners of the Best Art Gallery category, we were honored with reserved seating during the awards presentation.

It was a fabulous event and it made us appreciate all the more our gift of being voted number one.

Thank you all for your votes...
...you like us, you really like us!!!

Here are some pics from the evening.
All photos were taken by our own Maria Siffert, unless otherwise noted!

Sharing the limo with Anaiah Rucker and family

David and Maria Siffert limo-ing

Cathy McIntire's highlight, meeting Anaiah Rucker

Art of Oconee Artists:
Ellen Cowne, Maria Siffert, David Siffert, Gail Vail, Cathy McIntire,
Shannon Candler,  Bobby Cresswell (aka Bobby C)
Photo by Maybe Ortiz

Silent Auction bidders

Crowd of Beautiful People!

More attendees

Barry Clower, Kelly Clower, and David Siffert with our AWARD!!

Kelly and David

Kelly Clower, Bryce McCuin, Samantha Duthler, Justin Vollmer, Cathy McIntire

Ellen Cowne, Cathy McIntire, Ellen Cowne


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