Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We Are All Winners

Why do people like the idea of giving during the holidays? Just think what it would be like if nobody gave, or got, during this particular season. When you give, you also get, because it makes you feel good to know someone else is the recipient of your gift.

That sentiment is the primary reason for Art of Oconee's Raffle this holiday season.

What did we give? Each artist designated one piece of art (and that art was worth up to $700) to be included as part of the selection, by the winner, for their prize.

What did we get? As a gallery, we know the money we raised for the St. Vincent de Paul Society is going to go to lots of recipients. As for the artists whose work was chosen, they get to feel good knowing the winners chose their work over all the rest, and that they helped to make our event a true success.

There is one thing we need to clarify. The parishioners of Christ Our King and Savior Catholic Church participated by buying many of the tickets in an effort to support the efforts of all involved.

When you think of it, the real winner is the community of Lake Oconee. It takes a lot of people to make this work, and our community stepped up to make it happen.

Rita Nelson
The following was written by Jack Callahan, from the St. Vincent de Paul Society newsletter:
Thanks to the 14 artists, event volunteers, Maria and Dave Siffert, owners’ of Dress the Walls & Art of Oconee Galleries, and all the parishioners and friends for purchasing raffle tickets.

The Christmas Art Event raised over $1600, which will benefit the St. Vincent de Paul Society’s programs for Greene, Putnam, and Hancock Counties.

The second raffle winner of the Christmas Art Event drawn on December 21st was Rita Nelson. Rita selected a framed photograph of an Italian village as her prize as shown to the right. The third raffle winner was Pat Frain. Pat received a painting from David Siffert.

The first raffle winner of the Christmas Art Event drawn on November 29th was Ellie Davis. Ellie selected Diane Davis' Black River Jug and Multi-Color Baker as her prize.

Happy New Year to all of us!!

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