Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Way To Paint Your Sweetie

Bobby C "Lady", M/M on Door
Bobby C "Cool Trees II" M/M on Door
Support is what is referred to as the surface upon which an artist paints. Generally one thinks of paper or canvas, but a door? Yes, d-o-o-r, as in “Close that door when you come in the house!” This is unusual, for sure, and I had never seen a painting on a door until I saw Bobby C's latest work. It's a real painting, on a real door (minus the knob), and I wondered what made him think of doing this.

So I asked him.

I think his explanation gives a little insight into the way one artist thinks, and how that thinking ends up as a painting, or two.

When asked what was the inspiration for the painting, Bobby answered,
"The idea came to me while I  listening to the 50’s channel on XM radio; they were talking about 45 records with an “A” side and “B” side.  I wondered how I could do a painting with two sides and painting on wood came to mind.  I went to the store and the cheapest thing I could find was also the biggest and lightest…a door."

I asked if there was something in particular about the door that inspired him to use it as a painting surface. "Painting anything is exciting because I am very spontaneous and adventurous  when I do a painting. I have an idea of what I might want but no definitive plan on how to do it. I just start and then let the process evolve. I believe to a degree in improvisation.  So the bigger the surface (like a door) the more creative I can be. Also, big, bold, bright is what I personally like."

So what should we come away with, as your message, or meaning? "The  painting project was for fun. In order to get the proportions for “Lady” correct I had my wife lay down on the door in the pose I wanted and I traced her….that was fun!"

Sometimes a door is meant to be opened, or closed. But sometimes it's meant for fun.

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