Monday, August 15, 2011

Art That Speaks

If you see a painting and inside your head you hear that "Whoa!", "Awwwe", "OMG!", or other hit-you-in-the-face reaction, you can be pretty certain you are looking at art that "speaks" to you.

Speaks to you simply means it causes a reaction, good or bad, that makes you want to keep looking. Let's concentrate on the art that causes a positive, feel-good reaction. The right colors can make you just plain feel better, the right flower may remind you of how you feel on a perfect spring day, the painting of the lake suddenly takes you back to all the great vacations you've had with the kids, or when you were a kid.

That's what happens when art speaks. No direct words, just visual images eliciting emotional conversations. What else in your life can do that? When art speaks to you, listen. The next piece you see may not be able to do that. (That's just the way art works.)

Anyway, when you see a painting that speaks to you it means that is the one you choose to keep.

Perhaps you can hear one of these...

"Mexican Farmers", Digital Photo
Artist Tracy Hayden
"Red Beauty", Oil on Canvas
Artist Gail Vail
"Garlic and Onions", Oil on Canvas
Artist Cathy McIntire
"Tidal Zone Decanter", Hand built ceramic
Artist Diane Davies
"Laugh", Mixed Media
Artist BobbyC