Thursday, June 9, 2011

How An Artist Signs a Painting

A couple of us were talking the other day about how we sign our paintings. We realized that signatures are just as unique to the artist as the painting itself. You know how girls sit around and practice writing their name as it will be when they marry their boyfriend? Well, artists do the same thing, only we are practicing how to "paint" our signature. Should it be first and last name? Just the last name? Initials? Married name or maiden name. Of course, the men don't have to think about that one. Block letters or cursive. And then there are color choices to make, and where on the canvas to put the signature in the first place - bottom left or bottom right? There are some artists who put it on the TOP of the painting (can you say e-g-o?). Large or small? Whoever thought there were so many (artistic) decisions to make just to say "Hey, I did this!"

Next time you come into the gallery, take a look at the different and unique ways we all sign our work.

...just a few examples:

Kelly Clower
Nan McGarity
Kendall Boggs
Cathy McIntire
Gail Vail

David Siffert

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