Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Guys of Art Of Oconee

Just for fun, these are our Guys.
Artistic, smart, fun-loving. Grown men, yes, but sooo much more, don't you think?

Bob Fitzpatrick, David Siffert, Bobby C Cresswell
Let's I.D. them.

Bob Fitzpatrick, photographer. Often seen cruising Lakes Oconee and Sinclair, usually half out of the boat (it's okay, it's small...ish), leaning in for that perfect shot. Now represented by Dress The Walls, AOO still claims him.

David Siffert, painter. Can always be found hanging around Dress The Walls (oh, right, maybe because he's the owner - with wife Maria, and framer extraordinare), often with a mattcutter in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other, trying to decide, frame or paint??!!

BobbyC, painter. Somewhat schezophrenic in nature, he bounces back and forth between education administrator and folk artist. Known to occasionally ponder whether to drink that vodka tonic or paint with it, ...or both.
And to think, if these are the men, just imagine what our ladies are like.

More later...

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