Thursday, June 30, 2011

100 Artists Created by One Artist

People get very confused about modern art. What is it? What is considered "good" art, and what does it mean? It's true that a lot of modern art is conceptual, and the meaning behind the work is key to the work itself. A lot of artist statements are worded in such a way that trying to understand what in the heck the artist is trying to say becomes a major challenge, even to those of us with art degrees.

Enter Shea Hembrey. This artist is highly educated, but obviously has thought about how ethereal a lot of contemporary art is, making it pretty much inaccessible to most people, interested in art or not. He took it upon himself to put together an international biennial featuring 100 artists that he found to be inspiring, but understandable.

What makes this exhibition so PHENOMENAL is that he couldn't find the artists he wanted, so he just made them up, dreamed up stories for all of them, and created artwork to include in the show. The video below is from Hembrey talks about how he created his biennial. It's a pretty fascinating video, and quite a commentary about contemporary art.

PS  This video is 16 minutes long, so get a cup of coffee or whatever, just make sure you watch it!

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