Monday, May 30, 2011

We Have More Than Wall Art

Art of Oconee has gorgeous art created by local artists. That art includes more than paintings on the walls! Gorgeous jewelry by Kelly Clower and Ellen Cowne make it fun to have to decide which piece(s) to choose!

New earrings from Kelly Clower

Then there is the pottery of Diane Davies. Functional, yes! But who says function has to be traditional??!

"Tidal Zone Decanter" by Diane Davies

Several of our artists, including Cathy McIntire, Gail Vail, and David Siffert, have provided puzzles made from their paintings, effectively creating a unique gift item as well.

Need a one-of-a-kind notecard for that special mailing? There are many to choose from. Look around the gallery (both at Art of Oconee and Dress The Walls) and you will find lots of unique treasures in addition to the variety of original wall art.

Serving Tray featuring art of David Siffert
 Our artists use their creative talents to make artistic gifts as well as collectible art. Drop by for your own treasure hunt!

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