Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Peek at Our First Meeting

We had our first gallery meeting this week. Most of our artists were there, and it was almost like the first day of school. Our two newest artists, Debra Lawrence and Diane Davies, were there and got to meet each other. 
David Siffert, fabulous artist and owner of Dress The Walls was there with his "baby" (and our unofficial mascot), Tequila.  
The move is complete, and we are putting the finishing touches of paint on the wall, hanging all the art, and the myriad other things that go along with moving a gallery!
Just look at Debra's newest water painting. Her work is unbelievable! Think FOCAL POINT of any room!
  Ellen Cowne came from Athens, bringing "refreshments" for all.
Nan McGarity and Shannon Candler catch up, with said refreshments.
 BobbyC always has something clever to say.
Gail Vail didn't want her picture taken because she had been PAINTING all day, but we think she looks fabulous no matter what she is wearing! (Especially when she is sitting in front of her gorgeous paintings!)

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Beginnings in a New Location!!

We have completed our move to our new location! We are now at 106 Scott Oak Drive, right beside Dress The Walls.
Look For Our Sign and Logo at 106 Scott Oak Dr.
All of our artists have been busy getting the space ready, especially Gail Vail. She has done SO MUCH WORK getting everything coordinated and organized for the move and set-up at the new space. We have most of our original artists, including Kendall Boggs, Shannon Candler, Kelly Clower, Ellen Cowne, Bobby Cresswell (aka BobbyC), Tracy Hayden, Nan McGarity, Cathy McIntire, David Siffert, Sherry Turner, and of course, Gail Vail. Debra Lawrence, who recently joined the gallery, is also among our artists at the new location. In addition, we have a WONDERFUL potter, Diane Davies, as our newest artist. Check out her fabulous work:
Title: Mama's Church Bag

Title: Spirit Jar
Check out how fabulous her work looks in the new space:
Pottery by Diane Davies
We'll have more info soon! And you know we'll be having a PARTY to celebrate.
Stay tuned...