Thursday, December 1, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Ellie Davis with husband Jim
Our Raffle was a HUGE success.
LOTS of tickets were sold, with ALL the proceeds going to
St. Vincent's de Paul Society.
Our Raffle winner, Ellie Davis, chose Diane Davis' Black River Jug and Multi-Color Baker as her prize.
The truth is, we were so pleased with the turnout and the interest from our friends and customers in the community that we have decided to
extend the raffle and hold another drawing on
Wednesday, December 21st.
With so many pieces of art to choose from,
our artists thought it was a great idea!
We hope you do too.
So, Raffle Tickets are STILL AVAILABLE at the gallery.
Come by for tickets and look for the art with the YELLOW RIBBONS by them.
Those are the Raffle Prize choices!

Art of Oconee had a fabulous party to kick off the Holiday Season here at Lake Oconee!
Lots of friends, both old and new, came to help us celebrate the season!
Here are some pictures!!!
Our Bartenders, Hugh Vail and Peter Candler with Bob Cuddeback
Art of Oconee Artists
Front, L to R, Maria Siffert, Diane Davies, Tracy Hayden, Shannon Candler, Gail Vail
Back, L to R, Bobby Cresswell, Kelly Clower, David Siffert, Ked Murray, Cathy McIntire, Bob Fitzpatrick
Not Shown, Kendall Boggs, Ellen Cowne, Nan McGarity, and Debra Lawrence
Diane, Bill, Sara

David Siffert and Julie Nolan

Pat Cresswell, Tracy Hayden, Bobby Cresswell
Jack Callahan on the Right
Kelly and Bobby C
Kendall, Cathy, Diane

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Party

It's time for us to show our stuff for the Holiday Season, so...
We're Having' A Party!
Tuesday, Nov. 29, 5 - 8 PM
At our gallery
106 Scott Oak Dr. (off Scott Rd.)
We're next to Dress The Walls
Everyone has been busy getting ready by bringing in new art, and rearranging walls.
We've been working on new signs, too.
We should have a new sign on the street any day now, to make it easier to find us.

One thing we are very excited about is our
All of our artists have designated a piece of their art for this raffle.
The winner gets to choose from any of the artworks in the gallery that have a yellow ribbon beside it.
ALL the proceeds from this raffle go to Saint Vincent's de Paul Society
to help with their community mission charity.
Raffle Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20
Tickets are available at the gallery NOW and until our party!
The winning ticket will be drawn at our Holiday Party.
We hope to see you Tuesday!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Art @ the Rock

From our own Diane Davies:
It is once again time to mark your calendars for Art @ the Rock, Saturday, November 19 and Sunday, November 20 at Rock Eagle 4-H Center. Just off Hwy 441 between Madison and Eatonton.

The show goes from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. Saturday and 11:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sunday. Can't wait to see you at ART @ the Rock, Annual Juried Art Show and Marketplace!  Diane will be joined by scores of other wonderful artists and crafters, including fellow artists from Art of Oconee, Cathy McIntire, David Siffert, and Gail Vail.
We have many new pieces that we are excited to show you. Another load of pottery will be fired this weekend or early next week and we will be ready for a grand weekend of camaraderie, fun and food at Rock Eagle.

Diane Davies
Maid of Clay Pottery
1691 Apalachee River Rd.
Madison, GA 30650

Here's a sample of what you can expect from our talented Art of Oconee Artists!!
Diane Davies "Spirit Jar" Hand thrown pottery

Gail Vail "Poinsettia", Oil on Canvas

David Siffert "Summertime Blues" Gouache on Panel

Cathy McIntire "Searching Shadows" Oil on Panel
Come see us and have some "Fun @ the Rock"!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Way To Paint Your Sweetie

Bobby C "Lady", M/M on Door
Bobby C "Cool Trees II" M/M on Door
Support is what is referred to as the surface upon which an artist paints. Generally one thinks of paper or canvas, but a door? Yes, d-o-o-r, as in “Close that door when you come in the house!” This is unusual, for sure, and I had never seen a painting on a door until I saw Bobby C's latest work. It's a real painting, on a real door (minus the knob), and I wondered what made him think of doing this.

So I asked him.

I think his explanation gives a little insight into the way one artist thinks, and how that thinking ends up as a painting, or two.

When asked what was the inspiration for the painting, Bobby answered,
"The idea came to me while I  listening to the 50’s channel on XM radio; they were talking about 45 records with an “A” side and “B” side.  I wondered how I could do a painting with two sides and painting on wood came to mind.  I went to the store and the cheapest thing I could find was also the biggest and lightest…a door."

I asked if there was something in particular about the door that inspired him to use it as a painting surface. "Painting anything is exciting because I am very spontaneous and adventurous  when I do a painting. I have an idea of what I might want but no definitive plan on how to do it. I just start and then let the process evolve. I believe to a degree in improvisation.  So the bigger the surface (like a door) the more creative I can be. Also, big, bold, bright is what I personally like."

So what should we come away with, as your message, or meaning? "The  painting project was for fun. In order to get the proportions for “Lady” correct I had my wife lay down on the door in the pose I wanted and I traced her….that was fun!"

Sometimes a door is meant to be opened, or closed. But sometimes it's meant for fun.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Art That Speaks

If you see a painting and inside your head you hear that "Whoa!", "Awwwe", "OMG!", or other hit-you-in-the-face reaction, you can be pretty certain you are looking at art that "speaks" to you.

Speaks to you simply means it causes a reaction, good or bad, that makes you want to keep looking. Let's concentrate on the art that causes a positive, feel-good reaction. The right colors can make you just plain feel better, the right flower may remind you of how you feel on a perfect spring day, the painting of the lake suddenly takes you back to all the great vacations you've had with the kids, or when you were a kid.

That's what happens when art speaks. No direct words, just visual images eliciting emotional conversations. What else in your life can do that? When art speaks to you, listen. The next piece you see may not be able to do that. (That's just the way art works.)

Anyway, when you see a painting that speaks to you it means that is the one you choose to keep.

Perhaps you can hear one of these...

"Mexican Farmers", Digital Photo
Artist Tracy Hayden
"Red Beauty", Oil on Canvas
Artist Gail Vail
"Garlic and Onions", Oil on Canvas
Artist Cathy McIntire
"Tidal Zone Decanter", Hand built ceramic
Artist Diane Davies
"Laugh", Mixed Media
Artist BobbyC

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How The Heck Did You Come Up With That?!!

Sometimes the creative spark for a new painting (drawing, pot, photograph, sculpture, etc.) comes with the help of another creative spark that came before our own. I came across a cartoon drawn by artist-writer Austin Kleon who tells it like it is concerning creative process.

We've all heard the expression "There's nothing new under the sun." Well, that may be true, but there's always a new way of looking at the sun.

And that's what creativity is all about.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

100 Artists Created by One Artist

People get very confused about modern art. What is it? What is considered "good" art, and what does it mean? It's true that a lot of modern art is conceptual, and the meaning behind the work is key to the work itself. A lot of artist statements are worded in such a way that trying to understand what in the heck the artist is trying to say becomes a major challenge, even to those of us with art degrees.

Enter Shea Hembrey. This artist is highly educated, but obviously has thought about how ethereal a lot of contemporary art is, making it pretty much inaccessible to most people, interested in art or not. He took it upon himself to put together an international biennial featuring 100 artists that he found to be inspiring, but understandable.

What makes this exhibition so PHENOMENAL is that he couldn't find the artists he wanted, so he just made them up, dreamed up stories for all of them, and created artwork to include in the show. The video below is from Hembrey talks about how he created his biennial. It's a pretty fascinating video, and quite a commentary about contemporary art.

PS  This video is 16 minutes long, so get a cup of coffee or whatever, just make sure you watch it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Guys of Art Of Oconee

Just for fun, these are our Guys.
Artistic, smart, fun-loving. Grown men, yes, but sooo much more, don't you think?

Bob Fitzpatrick, David Siffert, Bobby C Cresswell
Let's I.D. them.

Bob Fitzpatrick, photographer. Often seen cruising Lakes Oconee and Sinclair, usually half out of the boat (it's okay, it's small...ish), leaning in for that perfect shot. Now represented by Dress The Walls, AOO still claims him.

David Siffert, painter. Can always be found hanging around Dress The Walls (oh, right, maybe because he's the owner - with wife Maria, and framer extraordinare), often with a mattcutter in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other, trying to decide, frame or paint??!!

BobbyC, painter. Somewhat schezophrenic in nature, he bounces back and forth between education administrator and folk artist. Known to occasionally ponder whether to drink that vodka tonic or paint with it, ...or both.
And to think, if these are the men, just imagine what our ladies are like.

More later...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We're Making a Little Art Noise

Gail Vail and Cathy McIntire
This week a torch has been passed.

The art column that Anne Jenkins so wonderfully wrote for several years is now being written by Gail Vail and Cathy McIntire, artists with our gallery. Anne has moved from the area, so Gail and Cathy decided to accept the challenge of this column, to be published in both the Lake Oconee News and Greensboro's Herald Journal.

The new name for the column is ART NOISE, and these two artist/reporters plan to bring the phrase to life.

Gail and Cathy both have experience in writing and publishing about art in general, and Art of Oconee in particular. Gail has written several newspaper and magazine articles, not only for the gallery, but many organizations. She also is editor and publisher for the book, Seasons On Lake Oconee, a popular book that features the writing and art of  Lake Ocone area artists and writers. Cathy is responsible for computer oriented projects for the gallery, including our blog, emails to customers and supporters, and our Facebook page. She also does her fair share of writing for her own artist blog. Both are accomplished artists whose work can always be seen at the gallery.

The first column is scheduled for this week's edition of both papers!

More later...
Photography by Lisa Wheeler

Thursday, June 9, 2011

How An Artist Signs a Painting

A couple of us were talking the other day about how we sign our paintings. We realized that signatures are just as unique to the artist as the painting itself. You know how girls sit around and practice writing their name as it will be when they marry their boyfriend? Well, artists do the same thing, only we are practicing how to "paint" our signature. Should it be first and last name? Just the last name? Initials? Married name or maiden name. Of course, the men don't have to think about that one. Block letters or cursive. And then there are color choices to make, and where on the canvas to put the signature in the first place - bottom left or bottom right? There are some artists who put it on the TOP of the painting (can you say e-g-o?). Large or small? Whoever thought there were so many (artistic) decisions to make just to say "Hey, I did this!"

Next time you come into the gallery, take a look at the different and unique ways we all sign our work.

...just a few examples:

Kelly Clower
Nan McGarity
Kendall Boggs
Cathy McIntire
Gail Vail

David Siffert

Monday, May 30, 2011

We Have More Than Wall Art

Art of Oconee has gorgeous art created by local artists. That art includes more than paintings on the walls! Gorgeous jewelry by Kelly Clower and Ellen Cowne make it fun to have to decide which piece(s) to choose!

New earrings from Kelly Clower

Then there is the pottery of Diane Davies. Functional, yes! But who says function has to be traditional??!

"Tidal Zone Decanter" by Diane Davies

Several of our artists, including Cathy McIntire, Gail Vail, and David Siffert, have provided puzzles made from their paintings, effectively creating a unique gift item as well.

Need a one-of-a-kind notecard for that special mailing? There are many to choose from. Look around the gallery (both at Art of Oconee and Dress The Walls) and you will find lots of unique treasures in addition to the variety of original wall art.

Serving Tray featuring art of David Siffert
 Our artists use their creative talents to make artistic gifts as well as collectible art. Drop by for your own treasure hunt!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Grand Opening Was Grand!

We had a fabulous turnout for our Grand (Re)Opening event! We saw many new faces as well as our long time supporters. Of course, all the artists brought food and drink for our guests to share. We believe in NO ONE leaving hungry! It was a great first event for the new partnership of Art of Oconee and Dress The Walls!

Here are some pictures from the evening:
Fabulous Torte courtesy or Lin Sipple...YUM!

Mercer Reynolds with AOO Artist Sherry Turner, Gaby Reynolds, and  Peter Candler

Our Trusty Barkeeps Mike Atkins and Hugh Vail
AOO Artist Debra Lawrence chats with guests
AOO Artist and Dress The Walls owner David Siffert

AOO Artists Shannon Candler and Sherry Turner with Gaby Reynolds

We are so happy to be settled in our new gallery space, and hope to see many more new faces coming by to enjoy the art and friendship. Even better, to think our visitors will experience a comfortable environment in which to spark their OWN creative juices!

For more pictures, click here and visit Kendall Boggs' blog!